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Zagreb Dance Centre, which opened its doors on October 26, 2009 is a unique cultural facility in Croatia developed purposefully for dance. Its primary function as a choreographic centre is to foster and create opportunities for the development of a new generation of Zagreb and Croatian choreographic talent. The objective is to support the production and dissemination of contemporary dance works. An important part of the work focuses on the development of a space for dialogue and engagement between dance professionals and the public at large in an effort to enhance the interest and support for contemporary dance in Zagreb and Croatia.

The Zagreb Dance Centre is a hub for dance, located in the heart of the city, which also engages the broader public not only as spectators but as active participants by inviting them to follow creative processes, participate in a range of dance activities and to enlist as volunteers. For the youth this is an ideal space to encounter and develop unique and different skill sets and work practices.

Residencies, workshops, classes, film projections, performances, round-table discussions, networking, exhibitions, artist talks, lectures and specific dance related activities engaging the general public regardless of age are all part of the year-round programming at the Zagreb Dance Centre. Collaboration with similar venues across Europe and engaging in partnerships with the local community are geared to prompt a more dynamic relationship among Zagreb based artists and the international dance community. The Dance Point as well as the Dance Monthly publication are key sources for dance related information for events at Zagreb Dance centre, while web based information provides news from beyond. Information flow about and for dance is also an important service for the general public who can subscribe to Dance News.

The Zagreb Dance Centre consists of three studios, one of which is a multifunctional studio with 140 retractable seats. The Zagreb Dance Centre is best suited for rehearsals, creation and production of small and mid scale works. The centre also has a meeting room, and a lobby, media room. Among ancillary spaces are three spacious change-rooms each equipped with showers. In addition to the Roof Top terrace, conducive to all sorts of activities during the Summer, the garden looking onto the Upper Town represents a quite oasis in the heart of the city bustle.

To use the spaces at Zagreb Dance Centre and to establish collaborative partnerships, please contact us: (+385 1) 4833 083 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Upcoming events:
1/04 12:00Promotion of Movements magazine 22
4/04 18:00Bring Your Colors Jam
10/04 15:00Anarchy book fair
10/04 20:00AnaBela BelaAna Liliana Resnick
11/04 10:00Anarchy book fair
11/04 12:00Meeting the audience through feedback method: Melita Spahić Bezjak and collaborators
11/04 13:00Contact improvisation workshop
11/04 16:00Masterclass: partnering
12/04 10:00Anarchy book fair
12/04 13:00Contact improvisation workshop
12/04 16:00Contact Impro JAM
17/04 10:30Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company / part of Croatian Theatre Showcase
17/04 18:00VALUE IS A DYNAMIC SURPLUS OF ANY FUNCTION Sonja Pregrad & Marjana Krajač part of Croatian Theatre Showcase
20/04 23:30Invisible Time Melita Spahić Bezjak Music biennale Zagreb
22/04 23:30"a 2" Tibor Szirovicza / Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović Music biennale Zagreb
25/04 11:00IMRC workshop
25/04 20:00Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company
25/04 25:00Masterclass: partnering
29/04 20:00A Triad Maša Kolar International Dance Day
16/05 12:00Experiential anatomy workshop
30/05 13:00Experiential anatomy workshop
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